Design, Install & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Scotland offers a complete range of cost effective energy saving solutions for businesses from site survey through to complete design and installation.
Energy saving on heating can be up to 66% more efficient than standard electric and will give your business all of these added advantages –


Because of its filters, you also get cleaner air in your environment, a great benefit for people that suffer from allergies and asthma.


Because of its unique features Air Conditioning can warm an area up far quicker than normal heating.


Heating and cooling, cooling only, wall mount, floor mount, ceiling cassette, ducted systems; air conditioning can be tailored to your individual needs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like a car, without regular maintenance an air conditioning system will not function effectively. Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and servicing to provide continuous peak performance and to maintain air quality to the high standards produced when it was first installed. In particular the coils of both the indoor and outdoor units should be thoroughly cleaned at every service

External Coil Surface

A build up of dirt on coils can cause increases in evaporating and condensing temperatures. The coils are the parts of the system where the heat transfer takes place and dirt on a coil will form a barrier to heat transfer, effectively insulating the coil. This will lead to an overall increase in the running costs of any refrigeration and air conditioning system. Heavy dirt build up can also clog the coil and reduce the air flow. On indoor coils this will contribute to poor indoor air quality and can act as a source of contamination.

Air Conditioning Scotland Maintenance Contract

All work will be undertaken by qualified engineers who have gained Construction Industry Training Board Accreditation.

Two visits per year at six monthly intervals with the following checklist being carried out:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries or any advice that you require.  We offer a free no obligation quotation service.A completed checklist will be issued whith each service, to view click on the link below.